Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pink Missions Update

Apologies for the lack of updates on my blog. I am hoping to get back into updating pages with information in regards to further training and information on pink missions.

Monday, 21 May 2012

MMA Fit Workout 21/5/12

20 Mins Running (L12) 4km
50 full sit ups
50 leg raises
50 crunches
50 Iron Cross/crunches
30 Press Ups
30 Get ups with 7kg med ball
2mins rest

Circuit ----- 1min rounds
with 30secs rest

1. Jumping lunges
2. Mountain climbers
3. Jumping jacks
4. Burpees
5. Squats
6. Sprawls (with 7kg med ball)
7. Knees (alt)
8. Teep kicks (alt)
9. Left blocks
10. Right blocks
11. Running man knees
12. Overhead tricep press (3kg DB)
13. Round the world shoulder press
14. tricep push downs (3kg DB)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Work out routine 24th April 2012

Only a light weight work out but emphasis on covering a lot of drills as a circuit for more calorie burning and variety...
Warm up with a 20 mins cycle (90rpm)
3x15 deadlifts (20kg)
3x15 Squats (20kg)
(10 sec rest in between sets)
100 Teep Kicks on bag
200 knees on bag (10 front 10 alt side)
20 kicks left / 20 kicks right (5 sets)
10 push ups
1 min straight punches
10 push ups
20 hard jabs
20 hard right straights
10 uppers 10 push ups 9,8,7...etc
200 knees fast (bag)
20 leg raises
10 knee raises
20 alt (leg/knee raises)
20 hanging front knees raises
20 leg raises holding up on bars
50 full situps
50 BJJ shrimps
40 alt bridges
40 hip raises
40 triangle hip raises
30 push ups
(only 3kg DB) for following;
20 shoulder raises side
20 shoulder raises front
20 shoulder press
20 bent over raises (rear delt)
10 min run on treadmill at level 12 (2km)
Stretch off

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pink Training Monday 2nd April

Body Combat session at Fitness First with Louisa "Loopy" Willmott

followed by:
2km sprint
Set 1 with 20kg barbell
Deadlifts x20
Deadrows x 20
Wide Squats x 20
Narrow (deep) Squats x 20
Clean n Press x 20
Press Ups x 20
Rest for 1 min
Repeat set x 2 more times

Evening training 6.30-8.30pm
BJJ fundamentals and Intermediate BJJ with Team Raphael Dos Santos, Gracie Barra Cornwall, Blackwater, with Coach Tim Lukes.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pink Missions Update

Hello followers,
Apologies for lack of updates since my return from Thailand.

It was very much a shock to the system returning to the UK at -2degrees on 2nd Feb! Since then I have been trying to keep up with training in order to maintain the fitness levels and techniques learned whilst away. (this is much harder with lower temperature and working full time)

Having started a new job as a contractor IT Lecturer my efforts have been focused more on the delivery of lessons for 17-19 year olds, very challenging and very demanding on the energy.

However, things are looking positive and today the Pink Training Machine will embark on another 8 week training programme.

I'm hoping to find an opponent for my Pink Mission: Amateur MMA fight

I shall endeavour to share some fitness workouts with you, some will be short and sharp(and very tough), but hopefully these will be useful to those of you who also have full time jobs/ children and struggle to fit in good training sessions to increase stamina, burn fat and build on core strength.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pink Mission #5 Sunday 22nd January

Today is a non training day! I now have 6 days before I fight on Tiger Muay Thai's BBQ Beatdown 44. This is a monthly fight show that Tiger hold at their camp.

Not sure who my match up is with as of yet but my training has now been reduced to 1hr private plus cardio instead of doing 2 classes each day.

Last night I couldn't sleep... I then start thinking about combinations and what if ? fighting scenarios with my unknown opponent...I'm sure this is mental preparation and happens to everyone but it does get annoying that the brain decides to do all of this thinking when you are actually trying to sleep.

I have managed to skip chess lessons!

Had a great day sunbathing it was nice to chillax beside the pool and soak up the sun.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pink Mission #5 Fatima Pinto - Female Fighter

Today I was very lazy and had some sunbathing time by the pool instead of clinch training. This afternoon I had a gruelling chess lesson with Andy... To the point I was going to cry as I cannot remember all of the differing scenarios and tactics.... I let off some steam in a boxing 121 session at Tiger Muay Thai.

After training I noticed a fabulous looking and very strong, shapely Muay Thai female fighter. This lady did the most beautiful Wai Kru I have ever seen!... She was being filmed by a camera crew so I sat aside and watched them for a while. (I probably looked like a stalker lol) She was so friendly came over and spoke to me, we talked about training and she said she was from Norway, had 22 MT fights and was looking at fighting in MMA very soon too. At 33 years of age I think she looks amazing.

The camera crew were also lovely and I was very privileged to have a couple of snaps taken by them :0)

Every one... this is Me with Fatima Pinto - Muay Thai fighter from Norway fights at 51kg soon to start fighting at 55kg.